Monday, November 17, 2008

thanksgiving, france.

Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving despite the fact that it is a Monday, and we are in France.  Marie, Alina & I were able to gather all sorts of food stuffs for the occasion....  We even got a jar of homemade cranberries from a very kind woman, because we found out that the only store in this town that sells the berries is closed today!  I made the pumpkin pie & it was pretty experimental, so I hope it comes out alright...  We are in a lovely little village called Angers.  Lace curtains & good spirits for our two days off.  Been drinking tea all day.  Enjoying the rest.


Claudie said...

you are very welcome in france, alela

Daniel Chester said...

When will you be playing in England again? I saw you at The Green Man festival and became an instant fan. Your Dad is a great guitar player!



Swell said...

Angers is a city, not a village, for french people at least :o)

150 000 souls are there :)

In france, we'd said that a village is no more than 1500.

Having a good year in cities or in french or foreign real villages ;)

jabar said...

Alela, I've seen you on stage at Chalonnes (near Angers).It was a marvellous set.After the show, I've shown you some LP's I've brought:Joni MITCHELL,Laura NYRO,Gene CLARCK,The TALBOT Bros... maybe Sandy DENNY,NewRiders of P.S (I don't remember all).I invite you to come again in Angers. My son organizes "unplugged"set in a small concert hall (excellent sound) and I promise I'll find you a jar, even we're not Thanksgiving !!
Keep on singing, Alela, as your mother told you.Ooooh Oooooh