Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Chirstmas Tree.

After getting down and out sick, despite my herbal efforts....We finally had enough energy & seasonal spirit to gather a tree today. We got really into decorating - and as you can see, it got pretty cuckoo...... O holidays.


Mandoline said...

oh it's so beautiful and natural! i can imagine it outside, with snow around and pale winterlight.

stephanie said...


Fanny said...

I've never seen a beautiful christmas tree like this one!! And the picture is nice ;)
Enjoy your rest Alela!

Tori said...

it's absolutely beautiful!

proves that cuckoo can be a good thing : )

agnese said...

So awkward and wintery... well done!
have a wonderful Xmas :)

Perrine said...

hi Alela !

i hope you enjoyed your chritsmas ...

i found this site : ...i think you will like it (maybe you already know it)!

take care


duncan said...


Happy New Year and nice Christmas tree.

I've been trying to find out your tour dates for this year. Can see them on your myspace page. Is there somewhere I can look? Are you gong to be playing in London any time soon?



andrea the pomegranates said...


Alexandre said...

Nice and so special! Have a nice year!

Greets from Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

hey alela :)

Carmen said...

Hi Alela!!
Where Can I see your tour dates?! are you coming to Spain??


MW said...

so northwest-ish !

Jenja said...

Hello Alela!
I would to say you first that i appreciate a lot your work and your "personnality".
I love singing your songs with my guitar!
But I've a big question ;-) :

What do you think about Jesus?

I know it's a strange question! :) you can ask me on my e-mail:
Thank for the response!
Long life to Folk!